This was my second major project that included new patterns, new stitches (at least for me, bpsc) and moving joints.

It’s not a project you’re rushing through, this took me at least a month to complete. I made all the parts first, then attached all the joints (here you need a small grapple pliers) before filling it with filler material. You’ll find great intructions on how to assemble the joints on Pinterest.

For I-or I used the smaller joints in wood/metal. They are available for purchase on Amazon.

I found Donkey Crochet pattern by Kristi Tullus at Pinterest, it is a fantastsic pattern with step by step instructions/photos. You can buy it at

Crochet hook:

Organic Cotton 50 g Light Grey A424 Adlibris
Organic Cotton 50 g Dark Grey A421 Adlibris
Organic Cotton 50 g White A418 Adlibris

Joints, filling, saftey eyes, black sewing thread for nose, floss (ALWAYS use floss when sewing the parts together as it is strong and holds the parts together invisibly)

I use a marker to keep track of the number of laps.

I Am Groot

a dear friend of mine loves Groot so I looked up a pattern on Pinterest to surprise him with a crocheted Groot. Unfortunately I used a little too dark yarn but we decided that he had been on a sun holiday in Mallorca and got a tan there… *smiles*

You find amigurumi figures on Pinterest and from there you’re usually referred to Esty to buy the pattern. It’s easy and you get the pattern in a PDF file as soon as you pay for it. I provide information about where I have purchased all designs in the top menu.

Baby Tree Amigurumi Crochet Pattern | Etsy

I can´t remember exactly what yarn I used here, but it was cotton and thinner.

crochet hook:

Safety eyes, filling, used a marker and matches to keep track of rows

Baby rattles

These children’s rattles are some of my favorites. They are easy to make and require only a basic knowledge in amigurami. The pattern are free and you find link to where in my top menu.

You can follow the pattern to the point or you can play with your own color choices. And I use my own labels to make the gift extra special. You can find where to order them under Menu.

baby rattles

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g Grön Svarta Fåret

crochet hook:

filling, sewing thread, a bell

Filling for your amigurumi

When I started making amigurumi, I first bought fillers online. But already with my first amigurumi I realized how much filling was actually needed in a small amigurumi figure and buying special filling material would be costly. One day, it suddenly strikes me that I can use the filling from a pillow (I was probably not the first thinking this BUT at that moment it was epiphany for me)

So where do you buy the best and cheapest pillows? If you’re like me and from Sweden, we’ll then you buy them at Ikea .. of course!

SKÖLDBLAD has durable polypropylene fabric and a filling of recycled polyester. Soft and easy to machine wash. For only 2 USD (19 SEK)


I made this cute firefly for my cousin’s son when he turned one year old last year.

This was my first major amigurumi project, but thanks to PlyuskiToysPattern’s amazing designs, it went well. Here I had to work with changing colors, pipe cleaners, safety eyes, filling and wooden balls.

I have not mentioned it before but it is extremely important in projects like this to use some kind of Marker to keep track of all the turns you work. You can use a plastic safety pin like I do or a piece of yarn in a different color to keep track. I also use matches when I have to count turns if there are many, like here in legs or an arm.

You buy this Firefy pattern at Etsy

I use Organic Cotton 50 g, see “where to buy it” under Menu


Keep your feet warm this winter? Easy!

I don’t know who created the first pattern for ballet slippers but you´ll find many of them on Pinterest and videos “how to make them” on YouTube (search for ballet slippers)

They are so easy and quick to make! Perfect gift for family and friends for Christmas.

Here are some of my ballet slippers.

(thank you @Poochie Baby Farm for the free pattern and video tutorial)

My favorite yarn is, as always cotton, the Black Sheep (svarta fåret), Stina 8/8.

Crochet needle:

Chair socks

My inspiration for finding new projects almost always comes from Pinterest. In addition to cute things, I’m looking for practical things to have in my home.

One thing that has always bothered me is my furniture leg protectors/glides, you know the ones you buy that you either paste or screw on legs on your furniture…well, they don’t work for me. They come loose or, in the worst case, cause cracks in my chair legs after screwing them in…

I finally found the solution to my problem….on Pinterest! Here you will find different variants and with free patterns!

I’ve made my kitchen chairs a little more fun with different colors. (Keep in mind that they work best without carpet underneath, on bare floors)

Pattern for my kitchen chairs (11cm/4.3 inch perimeter)
1. MR, sc 6 (6) (Magic Ring Tutorial, Thank you for a great video MJ Carlos)
2. inc x6 (12)
3. inc x12 (24)
(inc to 12 cm/4.7 inch perimeter)
4. sc 4, inc (28)
…work in a continuous spiral, finish with a slip stitch and fasten off.

See “where to buy” for my personal button.


When I started, I didn’t think I’d need anything more than yarn and crochet needle, but oh how wrong I was. The more I learned, the more stuff I had to get. This is especially true when it comes to Amigurumi, they need eyes, noses, bells, joints, etc.

The most important and first thing I got was stop pins. All wire ends must be fastened nicely, the more colors or parts an amigurumi has, the more wire ends there will be… Below are my favorite needles.

My stock of gadgets contains these things… So far 🙂

1. pipe cleaner
2. bells
3. safety eyes (L)
4. safety eyes (s)
5. joints
6. strong thread
7. small scissors
8. dental floss
9. grapple pliers
10. safety eyes with pupil
11. wooden balls
12. crochets
13. crochet lamp
14. Markers
See “where to buy it” under Menu


Amigurumi (Japanese: 編みぐるみ, lit. “crocheted or knitted stuffed toy”) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures.

It is a djungel of patterns out there but in the beginning I tried to find free patterns at Pinterest.

My very first amigurumi was “Fred the Frog” from
The pattern is amazing, showed step by step how to do it and it was very easy to follow but in hindsight I´ve learned that smaller crochet hook is not always good when you´re learning, the project get to small and it gets hard to get around everywhere but I made it!! Yay!

I also used safety eyes for the first time. I bought these on Virknalarochtillbehor. Crocket hook size 2.50 and cotton yarn 8/4

Many grandma’s squares…

I had a vision to make a bedspread but after 20, 40 squares I realized that it would require at least 400 squares(!) maybe I should have thought that through a bit before?

I desperately needed a break but above all variation on my crochet so I started looking for the next project instead.

The grandma squares are on a break, lying in a drawer waiting for my inspiration to strike to crochet more than the 43 I have already made ….