Golf clubs covers!

I don´t golf myself but I come from a family of (crazy♥)golfers and when my brother asked me to make a golf club cover for him I couldnt resist. He wanted a devil for one of his clubs to get the mental upper hand …well, if nothing else just to annoy some. I love a challenge so why not, I gave it a try and think it turned out quite well and so fun to do!

I searched online for someone who had done a “devil” before but realized after a while that no one had so I had to take it step by step.

Found Sarah who runs the website /blog “Repeat Crafter Me” She makes fantastic golf club cover and shares the pattern with us for free.

The next challenge was to find patterns for devil horns, searched both devil horns and Viking helmets on Pinterest and tested various free variants until I found what I was looking for.

Crochet Golf Club Cover Pattern – Repeat Crafter Me
Devil horns

Crochet hook:

Socki Garn Enfärgat Ullmix 100 g Bright Red A019 Adlibris

Socki Garn Enfärgat Ullmix 100 g Black A004 Adlibris
I chose a yarn with wool to cope with the weather and wind on the golf course.

filling (I used white stuffing, but in hindsight I should have found a black one)

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