Business card

I imagine a Business Card could be a step closer to a proper Business …. or are they obsolete, what do you think?

I designed this with inspiration from by Blog´s color and font. I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

I still do most things as “labor of love” but I recently had a few commissioning jobs (see pictures below) it was great fun and am so proud of the outcome!

I’m open to more so if there’s interest and you´re looking for that special gift please send me an email and we´ll take it from there.

a simple bow for your amigurumi?

Love this tutorial ♥

Note: I started mine with a magic ring instead of crocheting everything in the first stitch to get more space in the middle but you choose what suits you best.

I used it for my last lovey blanket, please see picture below.

Lovey blanket pink

Link: How to Crochet a Simple Bow Tutorial for Beginners You can also find other/free bow pattern at Pinterst. Below you find good pictures explaining how it looks to make the bow´s.

Hand Tally Counter

I have to say, this was the best purchase of the week! They come in different varieties and materials but I fell in love with the classic in metal. Feels solid!

As here, when I take on amigurami projects with long arms or legs, it’s nice to not have to use matches to keep track of all the turns.

Others in plastic can look like this….

Elephant rattle

Last year a colleague at work was expecting a baby and I made this little guy.

Elephant Rattle by Kirstin Campbell-Harris.

Crochet hook:

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g orange 235 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g beige 222 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g brun 221 Svarta Fåret

Filling, Rattle cellophane for ears, a bell. Please see under Menu and Where to buy for details.
* I put the bell in the piece of plastic bag and tie tightly with floss to avoid rust when washing.

Baby comforter – green

I found this adorable pattern from Lotta-Leben on Pinterest and I love it!

I changed the colors but otherwise followed the pattern to the letter and it was such an easy pattern to follow.

English Pattern Baby Comforter Donkey | Etsy

Crochet hook:

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g Grön Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g lime 283 Svarta Fåret


Golf clubs covers!

I don´t golf myself but I come from a family of (crazy♥)golfers and when my brother asked me to make a golf club cover for him I couldnt resist. He wanted a devil for one of his clubs to get the mental upper hand …well, if nothing else just to annoy some. I love a challenge so why not, I gave it a try and think it turned out quite well and so fun to do!

I searched online for someone who had done a “devil” before but realized after a while that no one had so I had to take it step by step.

Found Sarah who runs the website /blog “Repeat Crafter Me” She makes fantastic golf club cover and shares the pattern with us for free.

The next challenge was to find patterns for devil horns, searched both devil horns and Viking helmets on Pinterest and tested various free variants until I found what I was looking for.

Crochet Golf Club Cover Pattern – Repeat Crafter Me
Devil horns

Crochet hook:

Socki Garn Enfärgat Ullmix 100 g Bright Red A019 Adlibris

Socki Garn Enfärgat Ullmix 100 g Black A004 Adlibris
I chose a yarn with wool to cope with the weather and wind on the golf course.

filling (I used white stuffing, but in hindsight I should have found a black one)


A good friend of mine inspired me to make a shawl from the pattern book after she made her first shawl. She made an infinity shawl and I choosed to make mine as a triangle, the possibilities are endless with this pattern.

I made my first shawl in black yarn (it is difficult to see all the stitches and if you make an error but it works with good lighting) The pattern is easy to follow, it is just a matter of getting the right number of stitches in the first row then it is easy. Keep in mind that the number of stitches in the first row needs to be divisible by 4, then it’s up to you how big it gets.

You can adjust the lashes to suit your liking. I prefer when they are a little shorter and denser as on the blue shawl.

The number of stitches in the first row needs to be divisible by 4, then it’s up to you how big it gets. I used 140 stitches in mine and it took 5-6 yarn balls including lashes.

Crochet hook:

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g jeansblå 269 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g Svarta Fåret

Siren head

My 8 year old nephew’s favorite is Siren Head and when I found this great pattern by All Things Knitty I had to try to make it. He wanted the cables around his head in black color instead of brown as the pattern showed but that was the only difference from the one I did. The pattern was easy to follow but you´ll need some amiguruimi experience. He was happy with the result and that’s all that counts in the end ♥

I did one leg at a time, I crocheted all the little toes first, then I crocheted each leg. Kept track of all the turns with the help of matches and after I put together the legs I worked in a continuous spiral right up to the neck. When the body was done, I made the two heads and finally the arms. As always, I sew everything together with floss as it becomes invisible seam.

Siren Head by All Things Knitty

Crochet Hook:

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g beige 222 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g svart Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g röd 245 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g vit 204 Svarta Fåret

Filling(fill tight) and use floss to sew it together