My first attempt to crochet a flower 🌸 and it was both fun and easy!

Will try with multiple colors and maybe a leaf next time… I’ll keep you posted! 😀

I used florist wire, green paper tape and 8/4 yarn all from Panduro

Thank you for a great free pattern @alanja.handmade 🌸 💕

Bunny 🐰

I did my own version with this cute and free Bunny pattern…for those who know me can easily guess that I did it my favorite color..green💚

Pattern: Free Amigurumi Bunny Pattern Thank you Amigurumiforum for sharing free patterns 😍
I tried a new thing this time, I made the whole figure in one sweep from the legs, to the body and finally the head. It gets a little tight to hold when you get to the head but think it works well. I made the ears separately.

Yarn: thinner cotton yarn e.g. this from Panduro.

Crochet hook: 2,50

Gadgets: swing needle, scissor, personal button, filling

Feel free to share!

LOVE beautiful deliveries 💖

Crocheting can be simple and very straightforward, but once you start to Amigurumi you’ll need accessories like key chains, stuffing, doll joints and eyes. Living in Sweden, I have found some good ones that I always come back to. Important for me is the assortment, speed of delivery and that it is nicely presented upon delivery.

Thanks to fast delivery from https://virknalarochtillbehor.se/ I can now complete my new key rings!

Hearts ❤️

I’m back! 😊

With a new experience… after an intense period of crocheting I suddenly lost inspiration. I couldn’t crochet the smallest thing, it wasn’t fun anymore.

But then suddenly I had some time to spare and I found the joy in crocheting again with these cute hearts 🧡💜💚💙.

Easy crochet heart FREE pattern, thank you Knittedstorybear ♥

Yarn: any favorit of your choosing, size 8/4

Crochet hook: 2-3

Gardgets: filling

Cute bike bag with reflex yarn

Works on a bicycle as well as on a scooter and somewhere to put a key, patch or whatever is desired. Can be adapted to different sizes and different covers. I made one but you can also do two like here on Pinterest.

Pattern: I made my own version of this Cute Bike Bag Pattern (Thank you for sharing♥)

Yarn: Viking Reflexgarn 50g Svart (403)

Crochet hook: 3,5

Gadgets: Made it personal with my self-designed button

Yarn, yarn and yarn!

I don’t have much experience with crocheting yet but my absolute favorite yarn so far is Cotton from Svarta Fåret (Black Sheep). I only change the thickness of the yarn there when required.

You can buy the yarn directly from them or through various subcontractors (I use Adlibris)

I realize that I have started collecting some yarn and as they are so beautiful I have them out in the open and not in a box and I use various fruit bowls for my yarns.

Sleepy Owl – sleeping mask

I made a sleeping mask for a friend of mine, she likes it dark when sleeping and in the same colors as her favorite soccer team (GAIS, of course 😉)

I bought elastic band with buttonholes in so my personal design button came into use. Tadaa!

Pattern: Sleepy Owl Mask by firefly-crochet.blogspot.com. Thank you for sharing ♥

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g Grön Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g orange 235 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g vit 204 Svarta Fåret

Crochet hook: 3.0

Gadgets: elastic bands, button

Amigurumi Pigeon

I made a key chain of this little bird. Hard to get a pointed beak but think it turned out okay. What do you think?

The pattern said that you should have a gray-colored felt fabric around the eyes but it fell off so I used white yarn instead, the yarn ends became like eyelashes. Cute!

Pattern: Young Pigeon shared for free by grietjekarwietje.blogspot.nl

Lisa 8/4 Garn Bomull 50 g grå 08 Svarta Fåret
Lisa 8/4 Garn Bomull 50 g svart 01 Svarta Fåret

Crochet hook: 2.75

Gadgets: filling, pipe cleaner in orange, saftey eyes, kulkjedja med lås