This was my second major project that included new patterns, new stitches (at least for me, bpsc) and moving joints.

It’s not a project you’re rushing through, this took me at least a month to complete. I made all the parts first, then attached all the joints (here you need a small grapple pliers) before filling it with filler material. You’ll find great intructions on how to assemble the joints on Pinterest.

For I-or I used the smaller joints in wood/metal. They are available for purchase on Amazon.

I found Donkey Crochet pattern by Kristi Tullus at Pinterest, it is a fantastsic pattern with step by step instructions/photos. You can buy it at

Crochet hook:

Organic Cotton 50 g Light Grey A424 Adlibris
Organic Cotton 50 g Dark Grey A421 Adlibris
Organic Cotton 50 g White A418 Adlibris

Joints, filling, saftey eyes, black sewing thread for nose, floss (ALWAYS use floss when sewing the parts together as it is strong and holds the parts together invisibly)

I use a marker to keep track of the number of laps.