A favorite is back, this time in a slightly different shape and color.

How: I search and find free patterns on Pinterest.

Tip 1: I crochet with cotton yarn, crochet quite tightly so that the stuffing doesn’t fall out, and stuff them tightly for durability and machine washability.

Tip 2: When crocheting for children, make sure that nothing can come loose. Safety first, always. In this case, I have tied a business card in a silk ribbon instead of sewing on my badge button as I usually do.

Elephant rattle

Last year a colleague at work was expecting a baby and I made this little guy.

Elephant Rattle by Kirstin Campbell-Harris.

Crochet hook:

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g orange 235 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g beige 222 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g brun 221 Svarta Fåret

Filling, Rattle cellophane for ears, a bell. Please see under Menu and Where to buy for details.
* I put the bell in the piece of plastic bag and tie tightly with floss to avoid rust when washing.