When I started, I didn’t think I’d need anything more than yarn and crochet needle, but oh how wrong I was. The more I learned, the more stuff I had to get. This is especially true when it comes to Amigurumi, they need eyes, noses, bells, joints, etc.

The most important and first thing I got was stop pins. All wire ends must be fastened nicely, the more colors or parts an amigurumi has, the more wire ends there will be… Below are my favorite needles.

My stock of gadgets contains these things… So far 🙂

1. pipe cleaner
2. bells
3. safety eyes (L)
4. safety eyes (s)
5. joints
6. strong thread
7. small scissors
8. dental floss
9. grapple pliers
10. safety eyes with pupil
11. wooden balls
12. crochets
13. crochet lamp
14. Markers
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