Lovey blanket – 70s inspired

There are really beautiful designs on Lovey blankets on Pinterest but this time I used a mix of different patterns for my lovey blanket and think it turned out really well!
For example, I wanted a little bigger ears and smaller head and adjusted for that and crocheted the arms on the head before attaching everything to the blanket. And as usual, I used floss (without taste) to sew everything together. Searched through Pinterest for eyes that would fit and found these.

Blanket: This is my favorite video how to make a lovey blanket: Crochet Lovey Star Blanket. Head, Arms & Bunny Ears: make two of each.

Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g brun 221 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g orange 235 Svarta Fåret
Stina 8/8 Garn Bomull 50 g beige 222 Svarta Fåret

Crochet hook: 3.0

Gadgets: Filling, heavy sewing thread, private label ordered from: Twig&Dot